Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2011-07-06 "Armed Citizens Confront Nazi Checkpoint" by Sov3rgn Fr33man
Armed Bay Area residents confronted a nazi "show me your papers" checkpoint in Livermore, California on 4th of July weekend.
Police Departments use checkpoints to perform warrantless searches and steal vehicles from undocumented drivers. Based on their own statistics, the Livermore PD subjected 1200 drivers to unreasonable searches and only arrested TWO drunk drivers at this checkpoint. That means less than 0.17% of those asked "show me your papers" were drinking! Since 11 vehicles were towed, we can conclude that 82% of the vehicles were stolen from undocumented drivers or people with registration issues.
We all know the real reason they have these checkpoints. The cities and law enforcement agencies make MILLIONS ($40 million across CA in 2009) from these fascist checkpoints.
Organize against checkpoints in your area!
Join Abolish Checkpoints:

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