Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Justice for Ernesto Duenez, jr.!

Justice for Ernest Duenez Jr. [www.facebook.com/justiceforernest]
The Duenez Family Representing at the 1st Annual Chicano Unity Festival.

"On June 8th Ernest Duenez Jr. was wrongfully killed by a Manteca Police Officer. The Family is represented by Attorney John Burris in a Civil lawsuit against the Manteca Police Dept. because we believe Ernest was killed as a result of excessive force.The family is requesting to see video evidence that the police have that may show the incident in which an unarmed Ernest was shot multiple times while trying to get out of the back seat of a vehicle where his leg was caught in the seatbelt.
Witnesses reported Ernest had his hands up while exiting and was shot in the chest and face.We are seeking answers from the Manteca Police Dept, we are seeking to review the dash cam video of the officers vehicles that were present, we are seeking to find out why the police have changed their story of the event and see that the officer is brought to justice who took the life of our beloved Ernest."

"Justice for Ernest Duenez Jr - 2 Year Anniversary March"
video from "Revolutionary Hip-Hop Report", 2013-06-19 posted at [www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJuMzWsqgx0]:
On Sunday, June 9th 2013 around 300 people took to the streets of Manteca, CA to protest the killing of Ernest Duenez Jr. by Manteca PD officer John Moody. Duenez was shot multiple times by Moody two years and one day before on June 8th 2011, the shooting has since been ruled "justified" by Manteca PD's own investigation. Citizens from all over California attended the several mile march from where Duenez was killed to the Manteca PD headquarters. The marched included many family members of victims of police violence who came to support the Duenez family in their continuing fight for justice. More information can be found at [facebook.com/justiceforernest] (Background beat is a RHHR original...that's right we make beats too!)

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