Wednesday, January 25, 2012

On Tuesday January 17, 2012, Rashidah Grinnage and I (Anita Wills), met with the Oakland Citizen's Police Review Board (CPRB). Besides myself and Rashidah, the Chair of the Police Review Board, Patrick Caseares and Kim Tom were Present. Patrick is the Lead Investigator and Karen is the Investigator who handled my complaint.  They explained to myself and Rashidah the limits of their authority regarding my complaint on behalf of my son, Kerry Baxter Senior and Grandson Kerry Baxter Junior. I was told that although they closed one of the cases, I could reopen it for cause anytime. Rashidah let them know if there was no activitiy we would be filing a complaint with the Federal Monitors. That got their attention and they opened up about measures I could take to assure cooperation from the OPD.
One measure was to call Homicidide and speak to the Officer (Sgt. Nowak), who had been condescending to me. Mr. Caeseres stated that if his attitude had not changed I could file another complaint against him. I called him the following day, and he bent over backwards to give me information. He told me that the girlfriend of my grandson, was now talking to them, and they had good leads. I mentioned a Dark Blue or Black Van parked near his body, and they said it had been checked out. Officer Nowak told me that they have a different description of the vehicle. I believe they are on the way to making an arrest in my grandson's murder case.
I attribute the change in attitude to the support and assistance from OGC, especially those who accompanied me to the CPRB hearing, in October. I also attribute it to the assistance I have received from Rashidah Grinnage, who has been with me almost from the beginning. Her son and husband were murdered by OPD and her remaining son continues to be harrassed by them. She stated at the meeting that we are living in Aparthied like conditions here in the East Bay.
Through OGC I have a forum and a means to keep my son (Kerry Baxter Senior), and my Grandson (Kerry Baxter Seniors), story in the Public Eye.
Power Concedes Nothing Without Demand - It Never Has and It Never Will!

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