Sunday, March 11, 2012

Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment

"What is Gang Stalking?" (2008) [link]

"Policing Activists" by Mitzi Waltz (1997) [link]

Personalized radiation-emitting weapons [link] manipulates targeted user pages to influence long-term moods (2014) [link]

2013-10-22 message from J.t. Weiss to "Justice4AlanBlueford, assassinated by OPD"  []:
Dear OSI (Organized Stalking Informers) friends and Targeted Individuals please join me on the OSI Lefora webpage []
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Northbay MDS replies:
police and private clandestine services attack advocates for community justice by organizing clandestine campaigns to destabilize that persons character and living situations, usually with deputized citizens who either don't care about the victim or who are politically conservative and racist. Been too many of us victims of this tactic, not enough knowledge, and then, there's the simple matter of accepting that this happens anyway to those of us who speak out, so that we know how to support the targeted people.
Northbay MDS find it is better to have this network in the community person-to-person, and never, ever, through online chat forums. NEVER. So, JT Weiss, good luck with whatever is plaguing you. We hope you find some use in the forum.

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