Thursday, January 31, 2013

Online Slander campaign

The following examples are from a few sources, showing how a successful slander campaign against political targets can be done. is a commentary website which allows anonymous postings without standards.
In the following example, community politician Marti Brown, who is identified as a "progressive", is slandered in such a way that would alienate her from her friend and fellow "progressive" Myrna Hayes.

Myrna Hayes house condemned. Will be torn down.
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Marti Brown
San Leandro, CA
Apr 6, 2011
I just heard that Vallejo code enforcement condemned Myrna Hayes house and it will be torn down.

Sams Missing Balls
Vallejo, CA
Apr 6, 2011
sammy's raging tantrum list. We actually have enough material to pass out during your campaign, but the more the better. Lots of pages to pass out.
See spammy on his raging "hate" campaign. Do you want him representing you???? Bwahahahahaha!

Bring it
San Leandro, CA
Apr 6, 2011
Yeah lets pass it out.Should we wear sheets or paper bags ovwr our heads when we do it?

Sam Kurshan for Council
Vallejo, CA
Apr 6, 2011
This is my message and I've approved it.

Irish Mike
Apr 7, 2011
where is your brain sam??? obviously nobody approved of that

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