Friday, March 15, 2013

2013-03-15 "Berkeley Copwatch brutality alert: Where is Jeremy Carter?"

Berkeley Police Deliver Mental Health Services Rodeo Style!
This video was provided to Berkeley Copwatch on Wednesday March 13, 2013 by individuals who happened to be on the scene at the time. This incident is especially disturbing for several reasons.
1. Where is Jeremy Carter? The man in this video says his name is Jeremy Carter. Berkeley Copwatch has contacted Berkeley police, Santa Rita jail and John George Hospital. As of 3/16/13 none of these institutions has a record of any interaction with this person. WE DEMAND THAT BPD RELEASE INFORMATION ABOUT PERSONS TAKEN INTO THEIR CUSTODY AND THE NAMES OF PEOPLE WHO DIE IN THEIR CUSTODY.
2. According to witnesses, this person was not violent or resisting the officers involved. Although it alleged that he had a stay away order related to the library, he was not alleged to have harmed himself or anyone else. Were police justified in taking this person into custody and were they justified in using the level of force and restraints shown in this video?
3. According to dispatch records and the officer, this encounter became a "mental health" evaluation. If this is how people with mental health issues are treated in Berkeley at 11:30am on a busy city street, it raises troubling questions about what happened to Kayla (Xavier) Moore on February 12 in Berkeley when police decided to do a "medical eval" on her in her home. She died and if this is how BPD approaches these types of encounters, it is likely that BPD escalated the situation and then used great physical force on her.
4. Why are Berkeley officers continuing to harass by standers who are attempting to monitor the actions of officers? Why are they putting their hands on copwatchers?

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