Thursday, July 25, 2013

WTF? Vallejo enforces peculier infringement on building's colors

Here is an example of a little-known but common infringement on freedom of speech. "Excessive" signage and bright colors on a business's premises are illegal in Vallejo, according to the following official report for the City of Vallejo, which describes a strange enforcement of building colors, ignoring that if the same enforcement were applied to Vallejo's fast food franchises, the town would be a healthier place...
One photograph shows a building which is bright and busy, the other shows a building which is drab and grey... so what's the deal? It is certain that fast-food franchises have a different set of regulations, yet, upon reading the reasons for Vallejo's code enforcement, it makes one wonder why those differences even exist. "Excessive" signage and bright colors seem appropriate for anyone to utilize to grab a busy person's attention, and it is a right of the People to attract attention for their message. Heaven forbid the building were colored red!

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