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California Police utilize Israel to spy on and direct attacks against anti-fascists

The current regime governing the State of Israel [link] is hostile to what it considers "leftists", especially various anti-Racists, anti-Fascists, and those who advocate for Peace, Justice and Human-Rights. The same sentiment is held by many police departments in California and across the USA.
Every domestic police department which is trained by Israel proceeds to conduct extreme hostile actions against political activists, as seen in Oakland and Los Angeles since 2011 during the deadly suppression of the "Occupy!" gatherings, and in Ferguson (Missouri) 2014 [link].
Corporations chartered in Israel can conduct almost unrestricted information gathering against targets across the world, either unilaterally, or in cooperation with public-sector security agencies, or under contract with private-sector security agencies [link].
Many information-technology corporations chartered in California are also managed by Israel agents, either under contract, or by Israel's citizens or by adherents to Israel's national ideology.
Archive of articles from "ADL" about Law Enforcement Training, 2008 to 2011 [link]

Incident Reports:
* "Facebook selectively censors a Peace & Justice event in Oakland, CA, posted at a Facebook page, bans a human-rights organizer for a day" (2014-08-18) [link]
* Disruption of human-rights gathering at Port of Oakland (2014-08-01) [link]

Israel's security operations with/in the USA:
* NSA shares raw data to Israel agencies about USA Citizens [link]
* Israel's Hasbara, Mossad's worldwide volunteer brigade of online commentator [link]

The following article shows that spy agencies in Israel are used by civilian police to spy on their political targets, and to coordinate hostile operations against those targets.
"LAPD goes to Israel, falls in love with drones and mass surveillance"
2014-02-17 from "electronicintifada.net" [http://electronicintifada.net/blogs/rania-khalek/lapd-goes-israel-falls-love-drones-and-mass-surveillance]:
The HoverMast-100, an Israeli surveillance drone that the LAPD hopes to add to its arsenal.
The Jewish Journal has an incredible write-up [http://www.jewishjournal.com/nation/article/lapd_scopes_out_israeli_drones_big_data_solutions1] of the Los Angeles Police Department’s (LAPD) recent visit to Israel.
For nine days early this month, eight of the LAPD’s highest ranking officers toured Israel on a trip organized by LAPD Deputy Chief and commander of the Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau, Michael Downing, and headed by LAPD Information Technology Bureau commander Horace Frank.
While it’s unclear how much the trip cost taxpayers, Frank told the Journal that the junket was financed with “grant funding that was available for us to look at emergency technologies and best practices.”
Since 2001, the US government has doled out tens of billions of dollars in federal grants to local and state police departments in the name of fighting terrorism [http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2011/12/20/local-cops-ready-for-war-with-homeland-security-funded-military-weapons.html], so it’s likely that the grant that paid for the LAPD’s Israel trip came from DHS.
Though LAPD officers have visited Israel in the past, this appears to have been the most high-level trip to date. But this was not your typical propaganda tour.
Instead of stopping at the Western Wall or Yad Vesham as many foreign dignitaries do, officers visited Israel’s private security firms and drone manufacturers, most of them formed by veterans of the Israeli military’s top-secret 8200 Unit, which, like the US National Security Agency, engages in mass spying and cyber warfare [http://www.jpost.com/Defense/IDF-admits-to-using-cyber-space-to-attack-enemies].
On 6 Febuary, the LAPD group attended the Big Data Intelligence Conference in Herzliya, where officers salivated at the prospect of using invasive, abuse-prone Israeli surveillance products (used to control Palestinians) on the people of Los Angeles (the brown, black and politically active lefty ones, of course).
In an opening speech to kick off the conference, Frank referred to what he feels are shared values between the US and Israel: “As civilized nations, we are all confronted with, in many cases, the same enemy: The ever-growing threat of terrorism and other major criminal elements.” How very kind of him to say.
Of all the Fourth Amendment-destroying products they came across, Frank and his fellow officers were most attracted to the drones. As The Jewish Journal reports:
[begin extract]
Surveillance drones manufactured by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Sky Sapience were also hot items on the LAPD tour. Both Frank and Perez lit up when talking about the HoverMast, a new tethered drone from Sky Sapience that was just released to the IDF late last year.
[end extract]
On the Sky Sapience website [http://www.skysapience.com/products/the-hovermast-100], the HoverMast 100 is advertised as follows (emphasis mine):
[begin extract]
Whether your mission is locating illegals attempting to cross your border, crowd control at a political rally, or perhaps increasing security at your local electricity plant, Sky Sapience’s HoverMast-100, tethered hovering machine, combines engineering genius and innovative materials to provide exceptional observation and surveillance capabilities.
[end extract]
I suppose such a product is fitting for a police force regularly engaged in racial profiling and suppression of First Amendment protected activity.
Speaking to the Journal, Frank couldn’t stop gushing about Israeli tech giants like Nice Systems, which is currently providing mass video surveillance at the Olympics [http://www.israeldefense.com/?CategoryID=475&ArticleID=2740], morphing Sochi into a virtual police state.
Frank also hailed Verint, an Israeli surveillance firm that, according to investigative journalist James Bamford, was contracted by the NSA to wiretap Americans [http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2012/04/shady-companies-nsa/all/1].
Reports the Journal:
[begin extract]
Both companies already count the LAPD as a client. But, Frank said, “we’re looking at some of their additional solutions … They have a lot of new technologies that we are very much interested in.”
Nice System’s president of security, Yaron Tchwella, spoke at the conference about the company’s ability to help government agencies capture and store the billions of calls, emails, messages and social media posts that their populations generate each day, then analyze it in real time to detect potential threats.
[end extract]
Israel’s “targeted killing” policy, which was once condemned by the United States (under the George W. Bush administration, ironically enough) [http://www.theguardian.com/world/2001/feb/15/israel?guni=Article:in%20body%20link] has since been embraced by President Obama [http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2012/nov/15/israel-gaza-obama-assassinations] as the leading method in fighting the never-ending war on terror. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that surveillance and cyber warfare seem to be following a similar pattern.
Still, without dedicated police state enthusiasts in the United States, the importaion of abusive Israeli practices would not be possible, as the Journal explains:
[begin extract]
The LAPD-Israel bond was in large part fused by former LAPD Chief William Bratton, who made official trips to Israel to learn about the country’s advanced counter-terrorism tactics during his chiefdom from 2002 to 2009. At a town hall meeting in Los Angeles near the end of his term, Bratton said of Israeli intelligence experts: “They are our allies. They are some of the best at what they do in the world, and that close relationship has been one of growing strength and importance.”
[end extract]
Today Bill Bratton is the New York City police commissioner and was appointed by the left’s latest progressive savior, Mayor Bill de Blasio, who just last month attended a secret meeting with AIPAC, the leading pro-Israel lobby, where he declared his unbending loyalty to defending Israel.
Good luck New York City, you’re going to need it.

Combined Systems Inc. (CSI) [link] is owned by adherents to the national ideology of Israel, and act in collaberation with domestic security agencies across the USA. Says a former employee at CSI:
 “Haha! I used to work at CTS, worse f*cking company ever! Gas house burned down, and they made us go back to work at! They say less lethal... I worked in m213 building, it was fuses made for m60 grenade... horrible place, and yes they always has an israeli flag over the building, the company is owned by them...

"St. Louis County Police Chief Timothy Fitch to Study Counter-Terrorism in Israel" 
2011-03-25 press release from St. Louis County Police:
For a week next mo., St Louis County Police Chief Timothy Fitch, along with law enforcement officials from across the United States, will visit Israel to learn how Israel's police, intelligence and security forces prevent terror attacks. The weeklong program is part of Anti-Defamation League's (ADL) National Counter-Terrorism Seminar which will include visiting the cities of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Tiberias.
The ADL delegation consists of law enforcement leaders from the largest police departments in the United States as well as from the nation's capital and from federal agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
Over the course of a week, participants will be briefed by senior members of the Israel National Police as well as officials from the Israel Defense Forces and Intelligence /Security organizations. Chief Fitch stated: "Our Department currently houses the St. Louis Terrorism Early Warning (TEW) Group which is the region's fusion center serving the city of St Louis and seven counties in Missouri and Illinois. The fusion center combines the efforts of law enforcement, (local, state and federal), public safety and private entities with the primary goal of gathering and sharing information concerning homeland security. National and state-wide level terrorist assessment and the dissemination of generated information is an on-going process. We serve the region with a multijurisdictional approach emphasizing the protection of critical infrastructure.
Chief Fitch added: "We will also discuss contemporary counterterrorism issues facing the people of Israel, such as the bombing of a bus station yesterday in Jerusalem. I am confident that this will be a unique learning experience offered nowhere else in the world. I consider it a great honor that I was chosen to attend."

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