Tuesday, June 24, 2014

An important message about Your Facebook account

2014-06-24 by Kevin Huang from [fightforthefuture.org] (notes are numbered and placed below article):
Click here to see how Facebook is using your web browsing history and to opt out and say NO! [http://cms.fightforthefuture.org/facebookopt-out/].
Facebook just announced a creepy new tracking system that watches you even when you’re not on Facebook. We’ve done a lot together to win real victories against government surveillance, now it’s time to address the big elephant in the room: companies like Facebook, whose business models are fundamentally at odds with their user’s rights.
Last week, Facebook announced that it will begin tapping into your web browsing and Internet data outside of Facebook to serve ads.[1] This is incredibly creepy. By selling and sharing your and every Internet user’s personal data to private companies and government agencies, Facebook is putting everyone at risk of having their basic rights abused. Even if you don’t have a Facebook account, Facebook can still track you and hand your information over. [2]
We’re telling Facebook to stop and our campaign is growing fast! In the last two days, more than 50,000 of you have already taken action to tell Zuckerberg and Facebook to stop creeping on our every movement on the Internet. And the number of voices joining our action only keep growing each second.
This could be bad for all of us and not just because Mark Zuckerberg can look at your browsing history. Facebook’s close ties with government agencies like the NSA threaten your and every Internet user’s right to privacy. [3] If Zuckerberg is data mining every trace of your Internet usage, then the NSA has that same data too.[4] That’s why it’s so important that we take action and stop this abuse now.
Yes, I’ll support the campaign to tell Facebook to stop abusing my right to privacy!
We’ve won major victories for Internet freedom in the past, let’s add this to that list. If we can get enough people to demand that Facebook stop abusing Internet user’s right to privacy, we can stop them.

P.S.Taking action on this campaign won't de-activate your Facebook account or anything like that. We'll simply send the message to Facebook and demand that they stop this new invasive practice.

P.P.S. Taking on Facebook’s abuse of privacy is no small task, but our small team is working hard to make this campaign spread wide and far. Can you chip in to help us take on Facebook? Please donate $20 (or more) today!


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[4] Mother Jones. "Where Does Facebook Stop and the NSA Begin?". [http://www.motherjones.com/media/2013/10/facebook-personal-data-online-privacy-social-norm]

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