Wednesday, August 20, 2014

LA County Sheriff's Deputy implicated in Child porn trafficking

An example of when an officer realizes the power of being above the law.

"Former L.A. County Sheriff's Deputy Arrested in Child Porn Bust"
2014-08-20 by Gina Silva for "FOX-LA"
At six in the morning they knocked on the door and loudly announced, "We have a search warrant! LAPD, come on out!" There was no response. Again, officers from LAPD's Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force announced loud enough for everyone in the Whittier neighborhood to hear, "Apt. 105, come on out!" Still nothing. One last time, an officer yelled, "Lorne Reed, come on outside!" When there was no movement, officers busted the door open. A shocked Lorne Anthony Reed was taken outside in his underwear.
Officers say he's been under investigation for child pornography. Officer Carlos Monterroso said of the investigation, "We have tools as law enforcement to identify targets or persons who are downloading or trading child pornography on the internet and we've identified this particular location as a place where child porn was being downloaded. What exactly does that consist of? Investigator Shanon Gaeney explained, "It's very disturbing. People often think of child pornography as pictures of young girls on beaches in bikinis. This is not it. It is the photographic and video evidence of child rape." Detectives interviewed Reed, who is a former L.A. County Sheriff's Deputy. They went through the entire apartment and they say they found what they were looking for. "We found numerous images of child sexual exploitation," said officer Maurice Kwon. The images were heartbreaking. Men sexually abusing girls as young as five. Reed was taken into custody, his two young children placed with the Department of Children and Family Services. He's facing charges of possession of child pornography and distribution of child pornography. He is scheduled to be arraigned on Friday.

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