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Justice for Andy Lopez! Independent Autopsy Report shows how Andy was executed by Sonoma County Sheriff's Deputy

Justice for Andy Lopez Cruz! (d. 2013-10-22; Santa Rosa) [link]
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Report of independent autopsy of Andy Lopez, as requested by Atty. Arnoldo Casillas, prepared by A. Jay Chapman, MD, Forensic Pathologist, with Medicolegal lnvestigations, 4149 Chanate Road, Santa Rosa, California 95404

Name: Lopez, Andy.
Case No. 13102601
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Race / Ethnicity: Hispanic
Date of Birth: 2000-06-20
Date of Death: 2013-10-22
Hour of Death: 15:27
Hour and Date of Autopsy: 11:10, 2013-10-26, Romano Windsor-Healdsburg Mortuary, Windsor, CA

1. Gunshot wound to chest, penetrating, involving lungs, mediastinum, vertebral column, and left fourth rib.
2. Gunshot wound to left arm, superficial perforating.
3. Gunshot wound to left wrist, penetrating.
4. Gunshot wound to right wrist, superficial, perforating.
5. Gunshot wound to right, lateral buttock, penetrating, involving abdominal wall, liver, right 12th rib, and
6. Gunshot wound to right buttock, penetrating, involving soft tissues.
7. Gunshot wound to lower back, penetrating, involving soft tissues'
8. Contusion, right lateral buttock.
9. Negligible scattered abrasions.
10. Body previously autopsied and embalmed.

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Weight: est. 140 lbs.
Length: 63.5 in
Hair: Black, short
Pupils: O.D. mm O.S. mm
Anomalies: (Eyes not examined)
Mustache: None
Beard: None
Circumcision: No
Rigor Mortis: Embalmed
Livor Mortis: Embalmed with minimal posterior lividity

(Note: This autopsy is performed jointly by the two forensic pathologists whose signatures appear on this report)
The embalmed body, identified by Mr. Carmine Romano, is that of a young Hispanic male, unclothed, with sutured customary y-shaped thoracoabdominal incision and sutured bitemporal scalp incision consistent with previous autopsy examination. Skin defects are present in multiple locations. Each of these has been very tightly sutured closed, and in several instances their nature is not evident upon initial examination. The sutured incisions and some other defects are covered with plastic film and/or fluffy cotton, characteristic of the embalming process.
Initially, each defect is diagrammed (see the four attached sheets) as to location, and they are further characterized as the postmortem sutures are removed.
The head is normocephalic and free from injuries, save-a 0.25-inch minimal abrasion at the mid inferior orbit.
Aside from the diagrammed defects the abdomen is scaphoid and free from other injuries. No tattoos are present anywhere on the body.
A fresh 2 x 1.5-inch contusion involves the lateral right buttock inferior to the iliac crest and just dorsal to the anterior superior iliac spine. Immediately inferior to this contusion is a slightly curvilinear 1.75-inch linear abrasion'
In approximately the posterior axillary line on the right immediately inferior to the rib cage is a diagonally oriented 7'25 linear abrasion.
On the proximal most aspect of the right leg on the posterior/posterolateral surface immediately inferior to the popliteal fossa is a 2.5 by up to approximately 0'5 inch focus of punctate abrasions.
A single punctate abrasion is present on the posterolateral aspect of the right mid thigh.
In the middle portion of the distal third of the posterior/posterolateral right thigh is a slight 0'25-inch abrasion.
A 7.25 inch postmortem incision is present in the intergluteal cleft beginning immediately superior to the anus and extending superiorly to the superior extent of the cleft and thence curving gently leftward. This incision cannot now be associated with any other injury, specifically with no gunfire injury. The depths of the incision lay bare a portion of the left ischial tuberosity, but there is no identifiable extravasated blood in the area.

Description of Gunfire Injuries -
None of these injuries displays any secondary effects of gunfire: no tattooing and no stippling. The numbering of the gunfire injuries is for descriptive purposes only and is not intended to indicate order in which the wounds were inflicted or their severity.

Gunshot wound #1 (#1 on diagram) is located in the right anterior  chest 16.5 inches from the plane of the top of the head and 1 5/8 inches right of the anterior midline left of the nipple. The skin perforation is 1/2 x 7/16 inch with a 3/16-inch abrasion cuff and a 1/16-in latetal and medial abrasion cuff.

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This wound is directed dorsally at an angle of approximately 20 degrees superiorily and approximately 50 degrees to the left. It sequentially perforates the skin, the soft tissue of the third intocostal space, all three lobes of the right lung (inferior, middle and superior), the superior mediastinum, the left upper robe of lung, and the left fourth rib approximately 5 cm left of the spinal column. No exit wound is present. A section of vertebral bodies has been removed in this area, and apparently the wound involved the body of one of the vertebrae at least superficially. There is an overlying incision (#8 on the diagram) from where, presumably, a projectile was recovered. Whether the aorta was perforated or not cannot be determined from the recovered (from the viscera bag) approximately 3-cm segment of the artery, but extravasated blood is present in the external layers of the artery near the great vessels, and the artery appears torn rather than cut. These findings are consistent with perforation or transection of the aorta by the projectile.

Gunshot wound #2 (#2 on diagram) is a superficial perforating wound of the lateral aspect of the mid left arm. The wound path is essentially in the horizontal plane and directed anterior to posterior. The wound is 6 inches inferior to the top of the shoulder and 15.5 inches inferior to the plane of the top of the head. The entry is 1 x 0.5 inch with a well-defined medial abrasion cuff. The exit, less than one inch distant dorsally, is 1/4 x 3 /16 inch.

Gunshot wound #3 (#3 on diagram) is located on the lateral surface of the distal left forearm, approximately four inches proximal to the wrist. The entry of this penetrating wound is 1/2 x 3/8 inch, and it is associated with a palpable fracture of the distal left radius. The incision (diagrammed as #4) along the medial aspect of the left wrist and hand, is presumably an incision made to recover the projectile. The direction of this wound appears to be medial and inferior.

Gunshot wound #4 (#5 and #6 on diagram) is a perforating wound of the right wrist directed from medial to lateral in the coronal and horizontal planes with a 5/16 x 1/2 inch entry on the medial aspect of the right wrist and a simple 9 /1'6 x 5/16 inch irregular laceration of the lateral aspect of the wrist. Bony involvement is not demonstrated.

Gunshot wound #5 (#7 on diagram) is a penetrating wound with a 5/16 x 1/2 inch entry on the lateral right buttock, 30.25 inches inferior to the plane of the top of the head and, following the body contour, 7.25 inches right from the posterior midline. The abrasion cuff is skewed inferiorily. This wound is directed primarily superiorily to enter the abdominal cavity in the posterolateral abdominal wall and involve the liver and the lateral end of the twelfth rib, which is fractured. Extravasated blood is found in this region involving the diaphragm, which is not perforated, and is presumably the resting place of the projectle. The dorsolateral aspect of the right lobe of the liver is fragmented and pulpefied in an area up to approximately 10.3 cm. Hemorrhage is present beneath the capsule in the surrounding area'

Gunshot wound #6 (#11 on diagram) is a penetrating wound with a 1/4-inch entry in the lateral right buttock 32.5 inches from the plane of the top of the head and, following the contour of the body, 6.75 inches right of the posterior midline. The path of this wound cannot be definitively demonstrated, but a 5.75-inch postmortem incision of the posterolateral inferior buttock is adjacent to this wound, and extravasated blood is present in the area adjacent to the bone. These findings are consistent with a projectile having been recovered from this region.

Gunshot wound #7 (#10 on diagram) is in the inferior back 28.25 inches from the plane of the top of the head and 1.75 inches right of the posterior midline. The entry is 1/2 x 3/8 inch, and the wound path of contusive laceration is directed acutely superiorily and medially to terminate in the region of an incision (#9 on diagram), presumably made for recovery of the projectile, in the mid lower back, 2.25 inches inferior to the plane of the top of the head and 1/2 inch left of the posterior midline.

Internal Examination -
The previous Y-incision of the thorax and abdomen is reopened and reveals an abdominal panniculus of 23 mm. Hardening compound is abundant and the viscera are contained within a plastic bag with preservative chemicals.

Serous Cavities -
The internal organs have been removed and are contained within a bag, as noted above. These organs and tissues are examined with the following findings:

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* The 225-gm right lung has a path of contusive laceration that involves all three lobes, and minimal dissection has been performed. The 187-gm left lung has a short path of contusive laceration involving the upper lobe. Incisions of the parenchyma are minimal. The pulmonury parenchyma is otherwise unremarkable.
* The stomach is empty and has only an approximately 3-cm incision into its wall. It was not otherwise opened. Further dissection reveals normal mucosa, pylorus, and proximal segment of duodenum.
* The 230-gm heart has been minimally dissected with cursory sectioning of the coronary arteries and opening of the organ in the customary dissection by flow of blood. A minimal hemorrhagic focus involves the right atrium in the atrioventricular region. No anomalies are identified with further dissection.
* The 109-gram spleen is intact, save for a single superficial incision through the mid portion. The patenchyma appears normal with visible Malpighian corpuscles.
* The gallbladder is previously opened and is unremarkable.
* The 1150-gm liver has minimal dissection with only three relatively superficial incisions of the right lobe.
The dorsolateral aspect of the right lobe is involved by a gunshot wound, as noted above.
* The trachea has been opened at the larynx, but the esophagus is.intact, except for sectioning of its superior extent. The thyroid appears normal and only the right lobe is previously dissected.
* A fragrnent of pancreas is identified and appears normal'
* A segment of aorta, apparently part of the arch with apparent great vessel stubs, is recovered and has hemorrhagic external areas, but whether or not perforated cannot be determined.
* The brain has multiple incomplete sections that remain together. The cerebellum is hemisectioned, and the brainstem is sectioned sagittally.
* The kidneys have been hemi-sectioned, and the aggregate of the organ pieces is 159 gm. The testes are present within the scrotum.
* The intestines appear normal, and the vermiform appendix is present.

Skeletal System -
Fractures and bony alteratrons associated with the gunshot wounds have beeo delineated. A section of the symphysis pubis is absent postmortem. There are no other demonstrable fractures. (Radiography is not available.)
The skull is reopened and is found intact, save for previous opening, with no anomalies demonstrated.

Person(s) Present -
Mortuary owner,Carmine Romano.

Procedures -
Tissues stored.

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* Pay attention to Gun Shot Wound #1 (#1 on diagram page 5) - enters body to right of the right nipple passing through both lungs & top of heart stopping at the 4th upper left rear rib where bullet lodged.
* Pay attention to Gun Shot Wound #3 (#3 on diagram page 7) - enters thumb side of forearm 4 inches from wrist.  This is the hand that was holding the toy rifle.  Removal of bullet was at outside of left wrist.
* Pay attention to Gun Shot Wound #5 (#7 on diagram page 8) - enters lateral right buttock and travels horizontally into the body abdominal cavity hitting liver and fracturing the lateral end of the twelfth rib.
* Pay attention to Gun Shot Wound #6 (#11 on diagram page 8) - right pelvic area stops the bullet.
* Pay attention to Gun Shot Wound#7 (#10 on diagram page 5) - enters right backside at waist at an angle traveling upward into body mass.
All five bullets were removed by the sheriff’s coroner.
Think about the bullet’s paths into Andy Lopez’s body. 
Visualize how GSW#1 enters the torso? 
Visualize how GSW#3 hits the forearm and travels to wrist?
Visualize how all the GSWs go into Andy Lopez’s Body.
You determine if Andy Lopez was given time to respond to a questionable command from Deputy Sheriff Gelhaus? The barrage of 8 bullets stopped less than 10 seconds (a burst of 3 followed by another burst of 5) after Deputy Sheriff Gelhaus encountered the boy!
You determine if excessive lethal force was applied?
You determine if Andy’s constitutional rights were violated?
Good governance requires that we question, probe, initiate proposals for discussions and follow through on concerns regarding Law Enforcement.

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