Tuesday, April 8, 2014

"Lopez Protestors to Confront DA Ravitch With Conclusive Autopsy Evidence of Deputy Gelhaus Criminal Liability for the Shooting of Andy Lopez"

Justice for Andy Lopez Cruz! (d. 2013-10-22; Santa Rosa) [link]

2014-04-08 from "Justice for Andy Lopez" coalition:
On April 18th at 11:30 a.m. at the Fountain Grove Inn, 101 FountainGrove Pkwy in Santa Rosa, Justice for Andy Lopez demonstrators will once again confront DA Jill Ravitch to demand that she immediately Indict Deputy Sheriff Gelhaus for the wonton shooting of 13-year old Andy Lopez on Oct. 22nd in the Moorland Latino area of Santa Rosa.
To substantiate the criminal liability case against Deputy Gelhaus, protestors plan to hand out copies of an independent autopsy conducted after Andy’s death by an independent coroner. That autopsy, based entirely on scientific evidence, dispositively proves that Deputy Gelhaus shot and killed Andy as he was turning to face the Deputy and could not have raised his toy gun to point it at Deputy Gelhaus. The first bullet entered Andy’s side piercing his heart. The autopsy further evidences the fact that the trajectory of the remaining bullets pumped into Andy were fired as he was falling to the ground or had already hit the ground.
Demonstrators also plan to distribute a video recording of DA Ravitch’s investigator Les Vanderpool violently assaulting a Lopez demonstrator. The incident in question stems from a Dec. 3, 2013 picket line in front of the Veterans Memorial Building where DA Ravitch was holding a Pasta Feed to raise campaign funds.Justice Coalition for Andy Lopez demonstrators had gathered with picket signs to demand that Ms. Ravitch recuse herself from reviewing the Erick Gelhaus shooting of Andy Lopez as Ms. Ravitch holds a strong bias in favor of the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department.
According to a December 5th letter sent by a Santa Rosa attorney Alicia Roman to DA Ravitch, “During the event [Pasta Feed] I witnessed Sonoma County District Attorney investigator Les Vanderpool assault three individuals.” Per the Dec. 5th letter, Ms. Roman offered to show Ms. Ravitch a video taken on the spot showing Mr. Vanderpool’s assaulting a young woman. “To this end I would be willing to meet with you to share the video which reveals Mr. Vanderpool’s actions.”

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