Monday, October 21, 2013

Human Rights abuse ignored by Office of Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla

Justice for Mario Romero! [link]
Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla is a member of the Democrat Party, which, while supposedly of a liberal political spectrum, will not advocate for justice against Police terrorism and criminal conduct against the People.

2013-10-21 message from Cyndi Mitchell:
Here's Susan Bonilla's office number [916-319-2014]
Please flood her office with calls and ask why she's refusing to meet with us regarding officer involved shootings in Solano County!
Weeks ago I requested a meeting with my state representative Susan Bonilla for the October 22, 2013 rally date. after a couple of calls today I was able to speak with Mrs. Bonilla's Executive assistant Suzette Adkins who informed me that my issue was not in Mrs. Bonilla's jurisdiction....
Yes you read that correctly... she informed me that this was a city issue and not a state issue and referred me to district director Tomi Van De Brooke.
I informed her that I did not agree with her statement as well as informed her the numerous officer involved shooting that have occurred in California , she is obviously uninformed and comfortable with denying constituents the right to meet with their state representative.
I received a follow up email from Mrs. Adkins regarding our phone conversation.
I have listed it below with my response:
2013-10-21 message from Suzette Adkins to Cyndi Mitchell:
Good afternoon, Ms. Mitchell. Thank you for your meeting request. My apologies in the delay in getting back to you. Unfortunately, Assemblywoman Bonilla will not be available to meet with you, this issue is out of Assemblywoman Bonilla’s jurisdiction. However, District Director, Tomi Van de Brooke will be available to discuss this with you further and will contact you.
Thank you for your meeting request again, and my apologies in the delay in getting back to you.
Sincerely, Suzette

2013-10-21 response from Cyndi Mitchell to Suzette Adkins
Good Afternoon Suzette,
I just want to take the time to thank you for responding to my meeting request for 14th District Assembly Representative, Susan Bonilla, I am disappointed to know this issue does not fall within the jurisdiction of Mrs. Bonilla and I just want to confirm that she is aware of my meeting request, as well as my concern regarding officer involved shootings and the death of Mario Romero.
I do look forward to meeting District Director Tomi Van De Brooke in regards to this matter, but I am still left a bit puzzled when it comes to subjects that my state representative can and cannot hear.
Per our conversation today, you informed me that this was a city issue and not a state issue, and as I expressed my disagreement with your statement while informing you of the numerous amount of officer involved shootings in the state of California as well as the lack of enforcement when it comes to drug and alcohol testing as well as psychological evaluations for police officers.
It is my understanding that my state representatives responsibilities include helping move communities forward as well as addressing constituent concerns, I am not aware of their being a jurisdiction requirement for addressing such concerns, this in return makes me question if my representative only represents certain people, organizations or special interest groups. I submitted my request for a meeting in a timely fashion and I am still interested in meeting with Mrs. Bonilla, so again I must ask if she is aware of my requests to meet with her on October 22, 2013 as she is my state representative and I am entitled to meet with her to address my concerns.
Thank you for your time and prompt response. Cyndi Mitchell

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