Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Northbay MDS: Disruptions and other strange things

This is a catalog of incidents which, altogether, form a pattern of disruption against media, gatherings, and actions produced by the Northbay Movement for a Democratic Society (MDS), a community network of organizers operating "offline" since 2010, which was part of the larger California MDS network through 2012, when the larger network was disrupted through targeted kidnappings, harassment, staged provocations, and more incidents too numerous to review.
Today, the Northbay MDS continues to operate, producing the "Northbay Uprising" radio news program, organizing solidarity campaigns, and patching together the old California MDS network.
This page will be expanded as stories are posted from the old California MDS archive, although certain individual names will be changed, to protect their identities. Context and memories provided by Northbay MDS Minister of Information Dr.G.

2012-07-16, Dr.G.'s personal email box no longer contains as many emails as he saw that morning. He had spent the day at the People's Picket in San Francisco for Kenneth Harding. The erased emails were from Dr. John Colby, the Santa Rosa Peace & Justice Center, the UNAC / Code Pink communique against Amnesty International’s pro-occupation stance with Afghanistan, and just about everything from SDS-DVC.

2011-12-31, VPD Officer Darden verbally threatened physical harm against the President of the Board of Directors of 89.5 KZCT during a public event in Vallejo, within earshot of witnesses, in retaliation of allowing the broadcast of the "Northbay Uprising" radio news interviews with "Justice for Guy Jarreau!" campaign organizers.

The following message is an example why the old Northbay Uprising radio news program website had to be abandoned...
2011-03-04 message to Northbay MDS Minister of Information Dr.G.:
Thank you so much for the support, it's very kind of you to put my show up on your page [northbayuprising.blogspot.com/2011/02/new-radically-independent-radio-show-in.html]. 
I can't seem to get the page to stay on the same page for more than 5 seconds though, I'm not sure why it does that. I hope your show is going well .
- Sincerely, Savva Vassiliev aka Steve “the Ruskie”, Radio Show Host, “The Propaganda Hour”

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