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California Military Department

California Military Department []
"Across our organization, we are committed to improving, preparing and protecting our communities, state and nation."
* California Army National Guard
* California Air National Guard
* California State Military Reserve (CSMR)
* California Youth and Community Programs.

"Why More States Should Establish State Defense Forces"
by Jessica Zuckerman, Colonel Martin Hershkowitz, Brigadier General Frederic N. Smalkin and James Jay Carafano, Ph.D. []: (Footnotes are numbered, and given after article)
SDFs are exempt from the restrictions of the Posse Comitatus Act,[10] which prohibits troops in federal service under Title 10 from engaging in domestic law enforcement activities.[11] While the Posse Comitatus Act has never proved to be a major obstacle to deploying federal forces for domestic emergency response, and does not apply to the Army National Guard or Air National Guard while serving solely in state status under Title 32, SDFs may enforce civilian criminal law uninhibited by legal obstacles, if given that power under state law.[12]
 Typically, SDFs are under the control of the state’s governor, in his or her role as militia commander in chief; operational control and the chain-of-command typically run from the state’s adjutant general (TAG), through the state’s military department, to the commanding general of the SDF.[13] That is, the adjutant general, who is the state’s senior military commander and typically a member of the governor’s cabinet, commands the SDF on behalf of the governor. As the commander of the State Military Department, TAG is responsible for all training, equipment allocation, and decisions regarding the SDF’s strength, activity, and mission. The adjutant general is also the commander of the state’s National Guard and often directs state emergency response.[14] Through TAG and the state’s joint staff, the SDF can easily coordinate with other key components of the state emergency response.
* [10] 18 U.S. Code, § 1385, Posse Comitatus Act; and J. R. Brinkerhoff, “Understanding the Posse Comitatus Act and the Insurrection Act,” State Defense Force Journal, Vol. 3, No. 1 (Fall 2007), at [] (February 7, 2012).
* [11] James Jay Carafano, “Assessing Plans to Deploy U.S. Military on the Homeland Security Front,” Heritage Foundation WebMemo No. 2156, December 5, 2008, at [].
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* [14] Arthur N. Tulak, Robert W. Kraft, and Don Silbaugh, “State Defense Forces and Homeland Security,” Parameters, Vol. 33 (Winter 2003–2004), pp. 132–146, at [] (February 7, 2012).

Military Police Soldiers of The California State Military Reserve (CSMR) 
"State of California: PMO News", October, 2006, publication of the Provost Marshal Office of the 40th Infantry Division Support Brigade for the California State Military Reserves [], this edition retrieved 2013-12 from []:

State Police Reserve Trainees Wanted -
The State of California is standing up a State Defense Force to respond to state emergencies in California. This can include Civil Disturbance, Natural Disasters, and acts of Domestic Terrorism. The California State Military Reserve is the State Defense Force for California. We have NO federal mission, so we can not be federalized and can not be sent overseas. Our job is to take over the state military missions from the California National Guard when they are called to federal service. With the California National Guard a third smaller than it was at the time of the 1992 Los Angeles Riots, and with so many of the remainder of CNG troops engaged in the Global War on Terror, the California State Military Reserve must be prepared to respond to a state emergency.

CSMR Benefits  -
• NO Overseas Deployment • NO Term Contract • NO academy required. • Annual Uniform Allowance • Pending Retirement Benefit • Pending Education Benefits • Free Military Police Training • State Military ID Card • Access to Base Exchange and Clothing Sales. • Military Email Account • Life Insurance Benefit • Eligible for Membership in the National Guard Association of California. • Civilian job protected by Law. • List Military Police service on resume.

Police Reserve Trainee Requirements  -
• Age 19-45 • California Resident • US Citizen • California Drivers License • No Felony Convictions • Be height/weight proportionate • Live within driving distance of Los Alamitos, California. • In general good health. • Not a sworn employee of a first responder agency. • Able to train 1 day a month. • Have an understanding and proficiency in the English language. • Have the ability to qualify with the M16/M-4 and M-9 (9mm Beretta). • Pass a background check.

Be Ready for California -
State Military Police Reserves train one day a month at the JFTB Los Alamitos. Additional training days are available for those wishing to train more than one day each month. In addition, you will participate in a 5-day Annual Training at Camp Parks, California. There is no boot camp. 120 positions are open. CSMR Military Police Trainees will train each month in various Military Police subjects including but not limited to: Riot Control, Checkpoints and Road Blocks, Restricted Area Access, Fire Team Movement, Military Drivers License, Nuclear/ Biological/Chemical suits (MOPP Gear), Base Security/Interior Guard, Combat LifeSaver, PC 832, WMD/Terrorism Response, Convoy Security, Radio Communications, as well as basic Military Police course instruction. When ordered to State Active Duty for training or for a state emergency, CSMR Military Police Reserve soldiers are paid at the same rate as soldiers of the California National Guard. Contact

Police Instructors Wanted -
Current and former law enforcement officers are needed to provide police training to soldiers of the California National Guard and State Military Reserve. Experienced investigators can assist with the Criminal Investigations Division. Prior service members come in at their former rank. There is also a State Officer Candidate School and Warrant Officer School for soldiers seeking an officer commission. Must be ages 21- 63. Contact the Brigade Recruiting NCO, SGT Chris Mott at for additional details. 562-795-2898

Base Security Positions Opened at Joint Forces Training Base Los Alamitos.
On September 9th, the State of California opened up 79 Base Security positions at State operated military bases, including 15 positions at the JFTB Los Alamitos. Applicants should be in the California National Guard or California State Military Reserve, in the ranks of E-3 to E-6, and have a background in law enforcement or security. For additional details, contact Members of the CSMR have no federal mission and can not be deployed overseas. These are full-time paid positions with full state benefits.

M-16/M-4Training on the Small Arms range at Camp Roberts, California. The Small Arms Training Team is run by the California State Military Reserve.

Above: Standing Search. Below: Vehicle Search training, detecting Improvised Explosive Devices.

Riot Control training.

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