Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Community Objects to Sonoma County Deputy Gellhaus Return to Duty

Unite for Justice against Police Murder and Systematic Cover-Up! [link]
Campaign for Justice for Andy Lopez Cruz! (d. 2013-10-22; Santa Rosa) [link]

2013-12-07 Press Release from the "Andy Lopez Organizing Committee"
Contact: Jon Melrod [415-806-0154]

Stop the Miscarriage of Justice by the Sonoma County Sheriffs’ Dept.
Mass Picket Line at Santa Rosa City Council 12.10.13 @ 4pm

On October 22nd, Deputy Sheriff Erick Gelhaus, reputed weapons training expert and 28-year veteran of the Sonoma County Sheriffs’ Department, shot and killed 13-year old Andy Lopez.
Sheriff Gelhaus was placed on leave pending an internal investigation by the Sheriffs Department to determine if he had violated internal ethical or operating procedures of the Department. Without releasing any results of the investigation, Gelhaus is being returned to duty on Monday 12.9.13.
Not only has the Sheriffs Department’s so-called “internal investigation” lacked transparency with no findings being announced before Gelhaus returns to duty, BUT the 90-day investigation by the SR Police Department as to whether Gelhaus engaged in criminal activity has thus far resulted in no public comment and no transparency.
Under such opaque circumstance it is a miscarriage of justice and a slap in the face of the Santa Rosa Community to returnGelhaus to duty at this time. Perhaps it is Sheriff Freitas’ Holiday Gift to Sheriff Gelhaus and the Sheriffs Department -- NOT A GIFT BUT AN INSULT TO THE OUTRAGED SANTA ROSA COMMUNITY THAT HAS PROTESTED ANDY’S MURDER 9 TIMES SINCE OCTOBER 22nd.
There will be a mass picket line in front of the SR City Counsel Meeting this Tuesday @ 4pm to show our outrage and displeasure at this WHITEWASH!

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