Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Vallejo Police threaten to bankrupt Vallejo purposefully as blackmail, despite lack of public confidence

Observations from Cyndi Mitchell, "Justice for Mario Romero!", 2013-12-15:
I do not for one second believe that the recent spike in crime in the city of Vallejo is a coincidence.
Everytime there are negotiations between the city and the police, there is a huge surge in crime in Vallejo, and this situation is no different. These rogue KOPs (Killers On Patrol) are so arrogant that they have invited us to show them support tonight at 6PM for a special meeting at Vallejo City Hall.
I say we flood the building and let them know how we really feel about their over-paid and under-trained asses.
Don't think for a second that the police are not capable of murdering your loved ones while being the first on the scene to discover the body. Create a fake investigation and find a mentally challenged person to pin the crime on... it has been done, and it is no secret...
When Vallejo Police murdered my brother Mario Romero, they told people that there was a drive by shooting as they conspired to cover up the fact that they killed an innocent man by shooting him through the palms of his hands, firing 30+ times as he begged for them to stop, then cutting his body from his seatbelt and stealing his body from the scene of the crime.
They are ruining our families, sucking the life out of our community as well as our budget

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