Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hands Off Louie Godoy!

Justice for Andy Lopez Cruz! (d. 2013-10-22; Santa Rosa) [link]
Solidarity against the repression of a community in Santa Rosa! [link]

Louie's Legal Defense Fund (fundraising now closed)
Louie Godoy is a leader in the struggle for JUSTICE FOR ANDY LOPEZ in Sonoma County. (Andy, age 13, was killed--shot 7 times before he could turn to face the sheriff--as he carried a toy gun.)
Louie has been arrested as a demonstrator, arrested making protest signs, harassed, cited, and abused systematically to silence his voice and discredit the Latino community here.
June 26, 2014, in court, a felony charge was dropped to a misdemeanor (and will go to trial), and the judge denied the DA's request to increase bail (which would have sent Louie to jail for lack of funds). These were successes, but there are other bogus charges which will keep the courts and his attorney busy, and Louie in fear for many months. Louie is very discouraged. He is a paid careprovider for his invalid mother, and father of 3 young children. His housing is in jeprody due to the effect of the police visits on his landlord and neighbors.
Your donation will go to Louie's excellent pro bono lawyer, Andrew Martinez of Santa Rosa, to help cover $4,500 court costs. Thank you very much!

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