Friday, July 11, 2014

Sonoma County D.A. Report pgs. 11 to 20

Justice for Andy Lopez Cruz! (d. 2013-10-22; Santa Rosa) [link]
pages 11 through 20 (of 52) from the Sonoma County D.A. Report on Andy Lopez Shooting.
Notes from JB Tucker, investigative journalist, are noted by the yellow square, and are produced below the individual pages. Links to all sections of the complete report at [link].

Note by JB for pg. 12:
Remember, supposedly this is happening with a 10.5 pound weapon.  There is an obvious difference between a kid with a replica and a kid with a 10.5 pound real weapon in how they will handle it.

Note by JB for pg. 13:
Did Gelhaus still believe it was an AK 47 that weighed 10.5 pounds after he kicked it?

Note by JB for pg. 15:
Was any witness ever questioned about how heavy the "weapon" appeared to be?

Note by JB for pg. 19:
Yep, this witness who's not even close to being an expert noted that "it was 'way too light'"

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