Friday, July 11, 2014

Sonoma County D.A. Report pgs. 41 to 52

Justice for Andy Lopez Cruz! (d. 2013-10-22; Santa Rosa) [link]
pages 41 through 52 (of 52) from the Sonoma County D.A. Report on Andy Lopez Shooting.
Notes from JB Tucker, investigative journalist, are noted by the yellow square, and are produced below the individual pages. Links to all sections of the complete report at [link].

Note by JB for pg. 46:
How fast was it ascending as perceived by the deputies.  Was it ascending so fast that it could not have been a 10.5 pound weapon?  Why does this analysis ignore the weight factor of the weapon?

Notes 1 and 2 by JB for pg. 47:
Were any of the people tested for this "research" 13 years old and of the size and strength of the average juvenile?
How do they know what his actual belief was unless they have been tested on their ability to detect deception and since they couldn't subject him to a polygraph?

Notes 1 and 2 by JB for pg. 48:
Did it "turn with him" as easily as a light-weight object or a 10.5 pound AK 47?
A test needs to be performed re-enacting the difference with several males of similar stature and size to Andy Lopez of doing this with the replica weapon and with a real AK 47.  This is obvious and nobody should have drawn this conclusion without doing such a test.

Note by JB for pg. 49:
Notice the absence of discussion of the weight even after one witness independently raised that issue.  Did they bother to ask those questions?  So far from the narrative there's nothing to indicate that before or after a witness raised the issue of weight that any questioning was done of anybody on that subject.

Note by JB for pg. 51:
Nowhere do they analyze subjective evidence of Gelhaus motivations based on his own past writings on the very subject of police shooting which indicates that he enjoys these incidents like they're some kind of game.  Nor do they take into consideration evidence that a thorough investigation would have found, e.g., reports of outrageous past uses of force.

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