Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Vallejo City Police personnel add 108% overtime to their normal work time, resulting in a 208% work rate

Vallejo Police Department [link]

"'Cash in' raises questions", letter by Gary W. Smith of Vallejo to the editor of "Vallejo Times-Herald", published 2014-07-01 [http://www.timesheraldonline.com/letterstotheeditor/ci_26069982/vallejo-times-herald]:
The story in Sunday's Times-Herald ("Cash in") raises serious questions about management in the City of Vallejo. The standard work year is 2,280 hours. How did a police corporal add 2,400 hours of overtime rates, totaling 4,480 hours, and it not trigger red flags throughout all levels of Vallejo's city management? It immediately stirred the payroll management curiosity from my experience:
• Experienced City Manager Dan Keen didn't know. Why didn't he?
• Who approved the overtime?
• Where was the City Payroll Department review for "unusual activity" which might be unauthorized or criminally malfeasant?
• Is there no "audit report" trigger in city payroll such that "out of the ordinary" expenses are exposed, reviewed and authenticated?
• Where was the "budget busting expense" of the overtime being reviewed by the city's fiscal department, which should have triggered budget forecast adjustments at periodic financial reviews with the city manager, department managers, the mayor and the city council?
• Where is the morality of allowing an individual to become accustomed to a level of pay that is extravagant and not normal — or is it?
We elect officials to expend tax funds responsibly. City management must have an "order of operation" that exposes potential mismanagement within weeks — not years. We still seem to be, post-bankruptcy, in a "reading-it-in-the-news" phase of management problems in Vallejo. In the real world, overtime is a short-term fix. This Times-Herald article shows that bankruptcy provided no change in how this city works — it doesn't work and it didn't learn anything!
This is your money, Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer. You should be selfish about how it is spent, outraged and demanding accountability — I am!

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