Sunday, September 14, 2014

"Cytel, LLC / Urban Shield" scandal (2014)

James Lester Baker and his wife Anne Marie Baker have been doing business in the State of California using the name "Cytel Group, LLC", a California limited liability company, involving Urban Shield, the Alameda County Sheriff's Office, the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, and Bay Area UASI, the latter being , administered at the federal level by DHS. However, according to public records with the Secretary of State in California, the "Cytel Group, LLC" does not exist in the State of California. 
** "The Privatization of Urban Shield by the Cytel Group" [link]
** Alameda County Sheriff's business relationship with Urban Shield and Cytel Group [link]
** "Cytel Group, LLC / Urban Shield", in contract with Alameda County Sheriff's Office, is actually an non-entity, according to state records [link].
** "Threat of lawsuit from James Baker of Cytel Group / Urban Shield" (2014-09-22) [ link] []
** Reply From Sheriff's Office Regarding Cytel Group, LLC / Urban Shield (2014-09-18) [link]
** Response from James L. Baker, RE: "Cytel Group, LLC" (2014-09-23) [link]

"Cytel, LLC / Urban Shield" is an ideologically-driven, "anti-liberal", profit-making entity hostile to human rights, democracy, and even the People at-large.
** Alameda Sheriff censors the media, ejecting journalist for taking photos of Urban Shield convention vendors [link]
** To alleviate public concern for militerized training for civilian law enforcement, Oakland Mayor draws Alameda Co. Sheriff scorn by forbidding Urban Shield from setting up shop in Oakland [link]

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