Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Response from James L. Baker, RE: "Cytel Group, LLC"

"Cytel, LLC / Urban Shield" scandal (2014) [link]

James Baker personally concludes that the numerous contracts by public entities with "Cytel Group, LLC" is to be considered slander if documented by a particular journalist who he is suing for documenting the fraudulent use of the name "Cytel Group, LLC" throughout the preceding few years.

What follows is the unabridged, unedited message, sent 2014-09-23 to news media and public service groups, by James L. Baker of "Cytel Group, LLC" in response to "Threat of lawsuit from James Baker of Cytel Group / Urban Shield" (2014-09-22) [IndyBay.org link] [archive.org] by Lynda Carson. The message CC'd to [Criminal.Division@usdoj.gov] [san.francisco@ic.fbi.gov] [jeanpaul.j.coves@usdoj.gov] [piu@doj.ca.gov] and to community groups and news media who have been contacted by the journalist!

I am so sorry for the craziness in which we have all found ourselves immersed in.  For the past week Ms. Carson has run the same information in various news reports on (4) separate days, as well as sending out a number of these group emails, alleging corruption in the fact that Cytel Group has entered into a License Agreement with Alameda County.  I have explained to Ms. Carson that if she read the document in question, of which she has included a small portion in her article, she would find that Cytel Group is listed a total of three times.  Once on Page one, with the incorrect "LLC" following our name.  Cytel Group, "Inc." is correctly used the remaining two times in the agreement, including the page in which the Licensee is listed and the signature page that has all corporate information.  All other information related to Cytel Group, Inc. listed in the agreement is correct including address, etc.  The usage of "LLC" on Page 1 is a minor mistake that will be corrected upon my return from Nairobi Kenya.  Alameda County and the Alameda County Sheriff's Office are aware of the error and are already working to amend the License Agreement to change the "LLC" to "Inc." on Page 1.

As I have provided to Ms. Carson in a number of emails now, Cytel Group, Inc. Has been registered with the State of California since 2010, and has maintained good standing since that time.  There is no benefit to Alameda County, or Cytel Group, Inc. to have the LLC listed.  This is not a devious plot, but was a simple error when the final Agreement was drafted.  Unfortunately it was an error that has gone unnoticed until now, but will be corrected upon my return.

I have also explained to Ms. Carson that I am in Nairobi Kenya conducting training to the first responders (police, ambulance, red cross, emergency managers, etc) in how to properly respond to a critical situation such as the Westgate Mall Massacre, which occurred in Nairobi a year ago yesterday, killing 67 men, women and children and seriously injuring an additional 175 citizens.  I was honored when the U.S. State Department personally reached out to Cytel Group, Inc. to assist them with the serious and important training program.  They stated they wanted Cytel Group involved in the project because of the strong reputation Cytel Group, Inc. has both in the Bay Area and throughout the nation.  Ms. Carson has apparently decided to damage our reputation by running a number of articles and sending out continuous emails slandering Cytel Group, Inc.  She fails to report that Cytel Group, Inc. Is stated in the License Agreement two out of the three times our name is listed.  She has failed to reply to my emails directly so I can answer any questions she may have on a one-to-one basis, and she has failed to provide me with her contact information (phone or mailing address) so my attorney can contact her and provide any information she may desire during my absence.  I have requested Ms. Carson run a retraction publicly stating the facts of the matter, which she refuses to do.  I have told Ms. Carson in my past three emails that if she continues with this constant slander both in news articles and group emails Cytel Group, Inc. will have no option but to move forward with a defamation lawsuit.

Once again, I am so sorry to waste all of your valuable time on these email responses.  However, I cannot remain silent and allow Ms. Carson to push out this slander and miss-information without stating the true facts of the matter.  In all my many years of working with news reporters, I have never experienced anything like this..  

Warm regards,
James L. Baker
Cytel Group, President
M: (925) 354-6893
E: jim@cytelgroup.com

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