Friday, September 5, 2014

Many evicted in Vallejo at Hogan Avenue by VPD Community Services Section, Code Enforcement officer & Neighborhood Law program (NLP)

"Beautifying Vallejo"2014-09-05 from City Manager’s Bi-Weekly Report, Vol. 2, No. 23, by Daniel E. Keen, City Manager:

Interdepartmental Collaboration for Hogan Avenue -
The City identified the 100 Block of Hogan Avenue as a significant contributor of blight and nuisance activity. The City identified five homes as high priority issues, and is monitoring several others. Of those five homes, four are now boarded up. Additionally, one property owner has removed numerous tenants, is closely monitoring the activity of his remaining tenant and is prepared to have him move should the property continue to present these problems.
As part of this effort, representatives from the City walked the block, provided a letter to each home and mailed the same to the homeowners. The letter stated that the City was focusing its attention on this block of Vallejo and asked home-owners to take steps toward improving their own homes. In addition, the City invited each to a community meeting to help this neighborhood form its own block watch. That meeting took place on August 20 and was held at 2 Florida Street, where Code Enforcement Officer David Sidie provided information on property maintenance violations, Neighborhood Law Attorney Eli Flushman discussed City actions to abate nuisances, and Tina Encarnacion and Mary Pedretti of the Community Services Section discussed how to have a successful block watch. The meeting was well attended and numerous neighbors expressed an excitement for where this neighborhood is headed.
The next phase of the project is to address the long standing code violations in the area and monitor the sale of three properties located at 144, 148, and 181 Hogan Avenue.

140 Martin Street -
The owner of this property died in 2008, and the property has been a nuisance in the community for years. On August 8, NLP Attorneys filed a receivership lawsuit. At trial on August 27, NLP Attorneys successfully appointed a receiver over the property. Evidence provided by the Code Enforcement Division and the VPD Community Services Section were instrumental for NLP Attorneys to succeed in court.

137 Muller Street -
The owner of this property died in 2008, and it has been a nuisance to the community for years. On August 21, NLP Attorneys filed a receivership lawsuit seeking control of the nuisance property. A trial to appoint a receiver over the property is scheduled for September 17.

14 Hollywood Avenue -
The owners of this property filed for bankruptcy and moved out of state believing their mortgage holder Bank of America would take possession of the property. Bank of America, however, has failed to foreclose for more than a year. Without a responsible owner or mortgage holder to care for the property, the property has become the source of significant criminal activity. On August 22, NLP Attorneys filed a receivership lawsuit to take control of the nuisance property, and a trial to appoint a receiver over the property is scheduled for September 17.

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