Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Justice for Yanira! Action called for September 6th!

Serrano Family Calls for Street Protest This Saturday to Oppose DA Wagstaffe’s Exoneraton of Cop Who Killed Their 18-Year Old Daughter
Where: Half Moon Bay Fire Station, 1191 Main St. Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
When: 2pm Saturday 9/6/14
For more info see Facebook Page Justice 4 Yanira Serrano-Garcia, killed 6-3-14 by PD in Half Moon Bay! [].

On June 3rd shots pierced the night silence at around 9pm in the normally quiet Latino neighborhood of Moonridge in the outskirts of quaint Half Moon Bay. When the gunfire from Deputy Trieu’s weapon ceased – 18-year old Yanira Serrano-Garcia, both mentally and physically handicapped, lay dead in a pool of blood just yards her family’s modest home where she lived with her mother, father and brother Tony.
As they had twice before, earlier on the night of June 3d, the family called “911” seeking assistance when Yanira resisted taking her meds. On prior occasions, 911 had responded by sending trained medical personnel to assist in persuading Yanira to take her meds. This time, however, Deputies arrived in a squad car frightening Yanira who already had a fear of the police, related in part to her mental handicap.
According to police, 5’1” (is this correct) Yanira grabbed a “kitchen knife”. Rather than call in backup, rather than use less lethal force, rather than use a taser or mace – Deputy Trieu opened fire killing Yanira in the blink of an eye. According to Yanira’s brother Tony, “My sister was overweight due to her meds and she had been born with a serious physical disability to her leg causing her to limp. She didn’t pose a threat to anyone! Why did the Deputy shoot her when we had called for medical assistance as we had before.”
Outrage immediately spread throughout the mostly farm labor Spanish speaking community around Half Moon Bay prompting hundreds to attend memorial services at the Catholic Church in downtown Half Moon Bay and to participate in massmarches through the downtown area, consisting mostly of Latino youth who bitterly mourned the loss of their close friend and rallied to demand Justice and call for an indictment of Deputy Trieu.
The hopes of the Moonridge community were raised when DA Wagstaffe attended a meeting in the Moonridge community center and promised a full investigation and total transparency. Despite all the talk of Justice – two weeks ago the DA followed the now infamous pattern of law enforcement and DA’s all over California when he fully exonerated Deputy Trieu of any and all criminal charges relating to the shooting.
According to Serrano-Garcia family spokesmen, Tony (Yanira’s brother), “We will not let the final memory of my sister be the DA’s whitewash and completely unjust denial of justice. He basically turned a killer free on our streets. We plan to file a civil lawsuit against the County and the officer who pulled the trigger taking my sister from us at only 18. This Saturday, we are asking all people who support our struggle for justice to join us in Half Moon Bay for a march and rally to protest the DA’s unfair decision and to continue our fight for Justice for Yanira! We also want to make it known that we don’t want Deputy Trieu back in our community!”

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